When I talk to people who find me through My Lead System Pro I often suggest they use the MLSP system to generate their own leads online. It obviously works well–that’s how they found me, right?

Occasionally, though, someone will say something like, “Yeah, but it’s expensive.”

That’s when I have to break out the mathematics and show them the light.

Here’s how it breaks down.

When you get started with MLSP you’ll pay around $30 for a training DVD plus full access to the system for a month. Then every month you continue to use the system you’ll pay around $50 to remain a subscriber.

But here’s what many people looking at the MLSP system are missing: a lot of the leads you bring in with MLSP will want to use MLSP, too. In fact, I’ve found about 1 out of 20 of your leads will subscribe to MLSP on their own.

That’s right. As in “without talking to me”. Pretty cool, huh? (I like to call all of my MLSP leads to connect with them, of course, and you should too.)

What does all this mean from a compensation perspective, though?

When one of your leads gets started with MLSP and get their DVD plus full month of access, you’ll get paid [click to continue…]

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==> Looking for the LYF Online Leads Blueprint? The link is below! < ==

If you haven’t heard of LYF the network marketing company yet, that’s okay because as of the time of this writing, they’re just in pre-launch. But I have a feeling you’ll be hearing more about this company if you haven’t been exposed to the buzz already. I’ve heard the buzz and decided to do some research into what’s got people so excited about LYF Brands. I discovered some pros as well as cons which I’ll share with you in this LYF review.

Let’s start with the pros.

Pro #1: New Network Marketing Company

The first thing that might be considered a pro for LYF is it’s a brand new network marketing company, as I mentioned. A lot of people think that getting in on the “ground floor” of a network marketing opportunity gives them a strategic advantage. The thinking is if you get in early you benefit from all the momentum and growth that happens later.

Pro #2: Strong Executive Team

Another pro could also be the strong executive team. The CEO and founder of LYF is billionaire businessman Michael S. Han. He successfully founded the multi-billion dollar company [click to continue…]


In case you didn’t know, My Lead System Pro (formerly known as MLM Lead System Pro) is a lead generation system for network marketers to create targeted MLM leads for their business. It’s a good alternative to buying business opportunity leads and cold calling them because instead of calling complete strangers, your My Lead System Pro leads will already know you because the system is designed to brand you and effectively introduce yourself to your leads.

I’ve been using this MLM lead generation system (which I rebranded as MLMLeadMachine.com) for a while and I’ve been answering a lot of questions from people looking into the system and from people just getting started with the system. I’ve compiled here the seven tips that I share most frequently with people who are looking to succeed with My Lead System Pro (MLSP).

Here they are:

1. Get Your System Set Up Within 48 Hours

You can easily set up your MLSP system in a lot less than 48 hours. In fact, you could get it all configured in an afternoon or less. There’s a step-by-step checklist in the MLSP back office that walks you through the entire process of setting up your system.

The point of this tip is to encourage you to get your system set up right away versus procrastinating and taking many days to get it going. The sooner your system is set up, the sooner you can start your marketing and start getting those leads for your network marketing business.

2. Fill In All of Your Affiliate Codes

MLSP is designed to create multiple income streams for you through the use of affiliate programs. The system will automatically send e-mails to all of your leads to market a wide variety of products and services such as GoDaddy, Magnetic Sponsoring, etc.

Every time one of your leads buys one of these products or services you’ll get a commission but ONLY [click to continue…]

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SEO for Network Marketers

by Marc on March 27, 2010

Here’s a video I created where I reveal seven SEO tips for network marketers. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an excellent way to create free, targeted traffic for your MLM websites. Use this skill to get more online MLM leads for your network marketing business.

Watch this video and get started with SEO now.


EIRO Research is a Dallas, TX-based nutritional MLM company. Founded by Ty Tribble, Chris Cucchiara, and Bo Short and helmed by CEO Chris Hausman, EIRO Research launched in 2009 making it a relative youngster on the health network marketing scene.

Their keystone product is the EIRO Energy drink featuring the special ingredient “superoxide dismutase”. Don’t know what superoxide dismutase is? Me neither. But Kevin Tan does a good job in the article below of briefly explaining what it is and why a health MLM would base their products on it.

Even though EIRO Research is a new MLM, many people have already been very successful in the company. EIRO likes to reward their network marketing leaders with new BMWs. EIRO Research BMW winners include Roddy Kibler, Marcia Norfleet, Nathan Kibler and Anne Tejano and Ron & Jody Courtney.

Does EIRO Research have what it takes to be a long-term health network marketing company? Great question. Read through Kevin’s article below to begin your research into EIRO Research and decide for yourself.

Researching EIRO Research – Is it Worth the Effort?

By Kevin A Tan

EIRO Research has a super drink. Great another health drink claiming to be the best right? Well, not quite because they claim to have scientific research that focuses on superoxide dismutase. Before we get into that, we want to have all the facts about the company primarily the products and the compensation plan to see if this really is worth the effort to build a lucrative income with.

EIRO Research is a company that is determined to discovering, developing and delivering innovative wellness solutions. They also want to [click to continue…]


Yoli Blast Caps – Secret to MLM Success or Just a Gimmick?

by Marc February 3, 2010

Tweet I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about the new Yoli MLM lately, mostly because it just recently launched. However, Yoli has an interesting twist on the mega-billion-dollar MLM energy drink craze and that’s probably part of the reason why so many people are chattering about it. Yoli ingredients include a variety of healthy […]

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Vollara – An Early Review of a New Health MLM

by Marc February 1, 2010

Tweet A new health network marketing company launched this weekend and it has created quite a buzz on the Internet. It’s called Vollara which is derived from the Latin verb “to fly”. But it’s not really a new company. It’s the reincarnation of Heartland Select and EcoQuest International, two health and wellness companies with complementary […]

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Dani Johnson Scripts – Can They Really Make a Difference in Your MLM Business?

by Marc January 28, 2010

Tweet A while back I attended Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success live training seminar and thought it was definitely worth the money. I also have Dani’s Prospecting and Closing Script Book and it has been a great resource. It covers almost all possible scenarios when talking to MLM leads. Whether you’re in a health […]

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Randy Gage – Network Marketing Messiah?

by Marc January 26, 2010

Tweet I’ve been a big fan of Randy Gage for a long time. He’s a no-nonsense MLM trainer and author who tells it like it is when it comes to building a successful network marketing business. He’s a distributor for Agel, a popular health network marketing company, but what he teaches applies to anyone in […]

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Multi Level Marketing Blog – 5 Reasons Why You Need One

by Marc January 6, 2010

Tweet Of all the online techniques you can use to build your network marketing business, a multi level marketing blog is by far the most effective. That’s why it’s the first thing I recommend my new team members do when they ask how to build their business online. Why is an MLM blog so important? […]

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