Randy Gage – Network Marketing Messiah?

by Marc on January 26, 2010

I’ve been a big fan of Randy Gage for a long time. He’s a no-nonsense MLM trainer and author who tells it like it is when it comes to building a successful network marketing business.

He’s a distributor for Agel, a popular health network marketing company, but what he teaches applies to anyone in network marketing.

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I thought I’d share with you an article that does a nice job of describing the appeal of Randy Gage.

How Can the Millionaire Messiah Help Me in Network Marketing?

Randy Gage is popularly referred to as the “Millionaire Messiah”. He is a marketing consultant who inspires and teaches people how to be successful and rich through seminars, CDs, books and workshops. With over 20 years of experience, Randy Gage has amassed an amazing list of successful testimonials from people in various countries.

Randy Gage himself was a high school dropout who worked his way out of a pancake house and rose from being a dishwasher to becoming a multi-millionaire. He is now acknowledged as one of the most powerful brains on prosperity. According to Randy Gage, to be poor is a sin and everybody is meant to be rich. Fueled with personal experience, he teaches people on how to empower themselves to succeed and experience prosperity.

He uses his heart touching personal experiences that helped him rise from the dregs of poverty to financial success.

Randy’s methods are certainly unique. He travels around the world teaching that everyone can attain wealth, health and happiness if they truly want it. He aims at transforming self limiting doubts within a person to self fulfilling breakthroughs. He helps his audience to harness the inherent power of their thoughts and intentions to achieve success in all spheres of their life. To Randy, within every challenge lie choices that could lead to success and that obstacles and tragedies can always be transformed into opportunity and triumph.

He uses his heart touching personal experiences that helped him rise from the dregs of poverty to financial success. His teachings are all personal experiences and methods acquired from years of personal and direct selling, as an entrepreneur and from his life in general. He teaches people how to conquer their fears and doubts of uncertainty so that they can move into action and results.

Randy does not speak to an audience of bankers, accountants or engineers. His target niche are people that are involved in direct sales and network marketing. People who market a product or recruit others are the people he can use his knowledge and experience to energize to get better results. His training and speeches are customized to fit his particular audiences. If you want a taste from Randy Gage’s wealth of experience you can lay hold of any of his books or tutor CDs. You can even book for a training for you and your sales team or attend any of his already scheduled events. Without a doubt Randy is one of the respected minds in the business of marketing and especially in relation to online marketing as his many testimonials show.

Randy has written a long list of books that have helped so many people and are recognized as tutor gems in the field of online marketing. For example, his book “Why you are so dumb, sick and broke and how to get smart, health and rich” is truly an eye opener. It is not filled with the usual fluff to add content but contains straight facts to get smart up, healthier and create wealth.

Randy Gage has helped countless of network marketers to reach their goals through effective marketing. He is one internet marketer that can be copied if you truly want success.

Adrian Hines is an internet marketer that is dedicated to helping those in network marketing succeed by leveraging the internet. To learn more go here.

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Have you heard of Randy Gage? What do you think of him?

To your success!

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