Vollara – An Early Review of a New Health MLM

by Marc on February 1, 2010

A new health network marketing company launched this weekend and it has created quite a buzz on the Internet. It’s called Vollara which is derived from the Latin verb “to fly”.

But it’s not really a new company. It’s the reincarnation of Heartland Select and EcoQuest International, two health and wellness companies with complementary product lines.

The Vollara leadership team includes Joseph P. Urso and Bill Coyle. Joe Urso is the founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer and Bill Coyle is the Executive Vice President of Sales.

Vollara Products

Vollara products fall into three broad categories: weight management, wellness lifestyle and environmental purity.

The “Shape Your Weight” (weight management) products include Re:Cleanse (an aloe cleanse product), Re:Place (an enzyme and protein meal replacement), Re:Duce (a carbohydrate and fat absorber) and Re:Activate (a green tea-based energy booster).

There are many products in the Wellness Lifestyle category including Re:Sist (formerly Immunitize), Re:Flex, Re:Spond, Re:Gain, Re:Inforce, Re:Lease, Re:Charge, Re:Pel, Re:Cycle, Re:Balance, Re:Juvenate, Re:Fresh, Re:Coupe, Re:Claim, Re:Absorb, Re:Store, Re:Fuel, Re:View, Re:Build, Re:Plenish, Re:Vitalize.

The environmental purity products are mostly a variety of air purifiers (the FreshAir systems) and water purifiers (the LivingWater systems).

The Future of the Vollara MLM

This is a tough time for health network marketing companies. Already in 2010 we’ve had two high-profile health MLMs either close or show signs of serious trouble: Arbonne and Xelr8. Will Vollara last long enough for your grandchildren to enjoy your legacy? Only time will tell. My advice always is to market yourself in addition to your network marketing company because you just never know…

UPDATE: I’ve posted my Vollara review video on YouTube.

To your success!

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